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Amputee Course: Movement Assessment in Amputee Rehabilitation

23rd April 2012

This course was hosted by Laura Burgess Clinical, Specialist Physiotherapist in Amputee Rehabilitation and current chair of ISPO UK.
The majority from the South East, whilst others were from Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield and York.
To bring delegates up to speed the day began with a review of muscle classification and function.  Next we considered specific muscle function in terms of controlling the uncontrolled movement, which would later be identified in the gait patterns of patients.
Four patients volunteered as models for the afternoon session. Delegates explored movement control tests and considered how the results related to gait patterns. Retraining principles were then discussed.
There was an overwhelming response to the host's offer of organising a follow up day for early 2013, where the principles of the assessment of range control will be taught alongside some revision of the leaning gained on the first day. This was confirmed in the evaluations.
Comments from evaluations
“excellent course- thank you”
“well presented course, theory and practical elements very relevant”
“ the tutor explained the same things but in different ways to ensure understanding. Also verified understanding by asking attendees questions”
“level of teaching was high”
“excellent hand-outs and explanations, patient demonstrations helped to consolidate theory”
“ the tutor was approachable and receptive, the course was well presented”

We look forward to developing the amputee programme


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